Be yourself, only better.


Vanilla (adjective): having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard.


Anarchy (noun): a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

This is Minecraft, you get out what you put in. Rules exist within Minecraft and those are our server's rules.

The server resets completely one the 1st of each month and only saves player ender chest data and points.

A new seed is generated for a whole new Minecraft experience again!


To keep things fun, you earn in-game points for vanilla minecraft advancements,

which can be spent on items in-game. All in-game points can be transfered out via Discord.

You can also load points into the game from Discord!


Join the Discord for more information!  

Rule #1: Anything goes. Do what you want, have fun.

Rule #2: There aren't any other rules. 

That's it. It's that easy. Play, have fun, build, make friends, kill enemies, show off, and waste your time.

There isn't much else to worry about.

This is a server about fun and enjoying Minecraft. If someone bothers you, mute them and ignore it.


Server IP:


First Trade

Vanilla Anarchy started the first week of November in 2020 and has remained a low population anarchy server ever since. The server became a map resetting server in September 2023. Join today and enjoy youself.